Smoked Salmon


  • Smoked salmon is not exactly a traditional Japanese ingredient - indeed, it is commonly known in Japan by its English name - but, like so many other non-traditional ingredients, it works very well.

  • Use the fine, translucent type of slow-smoked salmon that is common in England (Scotch or Canadian smoked salmon), rather than the coarse chunks which are sometimes prepared in the United States. Slice finely, and use as sushi on Rainbow Rolls, as a garnish with roe or uni (sea urchin) or in any other way you think fit.

  • At the Yamato, a popular way to serve smoked salmon is in a Kosher Roll, with cream cheese and, according to taste, either wakegi (spring onion) or cucumber.

  • At home, you can prepare Kosher Roll using economical smoked salmon pieces or pate rather than sides or large fillets of smoked salmon. It is also an excellent way to serve sushi to people who do not like, cannot eat, or are afraid of raw fish.

  1. Using the basic technique for an inside-out roll, begin with cucumber or spring onion (scallion) or both.

  2. Next, add strips of smoked salmon. Be fairly generous or the delicate taste will be overwhelmed by the other ingredients.

  3. Cut cream cheese into strips about 1/4 sq in/ 5 sq cm and put them alongside the smoked salmon strips, then roll.

  4. Cut the roll in half and put the 2 pieces side by side, then cut twice more to get 6 pieces.

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