Healthy Salmon Roe Sushi Boats Recipes

Salmon roe sushi boats

Roe is often used for making sushi. Most roe used is orange, either large salmon or trout roe or tiny flying fish roe. It can be bought in jars.


  • 1/3 quantity freshly cooked sushi rice

  • 2 small sheets of toasted nori, each cut into 4 strips lengthways

  • Wasabi paste

  • 8 tbsp salmon, trout or flying fish roe

  1. Divide the rice into 8 batches. Dampen your hands to stop the rice sticking, then shape each batch of the rice into an oval using your hands. Carefully wrap a strip of nori around each piece of rice, trim off any excess, then stick together at the join using a couple of crushed grains of rice.

  2. Dab a little wasabi on top of each sushi boat and top with a tablespoon of the salmon roe. Serve this healthy salmon roe sushi boats recipes straight away with soy sauce and pickled ginger on the side.

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